How Can Red Light Therapy Benefit Athletes?
January 13, 2021 Blogs

How Can Red Light Therapy Benefit Athletes?

Photobiomodulation is the ability of specific wavelengths of light to interact in a beneficial manner with cells and tissues in the body. These key wavelengths are built into SPEED OF LIGHT products like The BodyGuard, using current knowledge about the appropriate dose and duration of low level light therapy (LLLT) to maximize benefits.

The fuel in your body that provides energy for activity/exercise and healing is called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The source of this fuel that exists in all of your cells is an organelle called mitochondria. Mitochondria pump out ATP. Numerous studies have shown that the specific wavelengths of light supplied by The BodyGuard stimulate mitochondria to increase production of ATP, as well as cAMP and Nitric Oxide, resulting in increased cellular energy, improved blood flow, and faster recovery after strenuous exercise or injury.

If you’re an athlete looking for an edge over the competition that will not sacrifice long-term health but will instead improve it, start training with photobiomodulation. Numerous studies show the ability of light therapy to increase performance, accelerate recovery, and improve long-term health without any side effects.

Let’s dive in:

All activity and exercise results in physiologic adaptation – breaking down the current state of your body and rebuilding it to a stronger state. The breakdown process, however, results in micro-trauma, which requires time to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue. Too much breakdown with too little recovery results in chronic, activity-limiting injury. The answer: The BodyGuard.  Shorten your recovery time, improve your body’s ability to rebuild to a fitter/stronger/more durable you. Recover at the Speed of Light!

One study, for example, discovered that recovery from an injury can happen up to 10 days faster with the use of light therapy.

Studies have also shown that red light therapy can help athletes recover in half the time in some situations.

What Injuries Can You Treat?

Injuries have a true domino effect for athletes. Either you miss time with an injury, thus missing out on practice or playing time, or you push yourself with an injury and likely pay for it with substandard performance.

For injuries such as, but not limited to, sprains, strains, contusions, tendonitis, or ligament damage, The BodyGuard can get you back in action sooner than would otherwise be possible. Your body will also recovery faster from strenuous exercise, allowing you to train harder and improve performance faster.

When Should You Use Red Light Therapy?

So, when should you be using red light therapy or photobiomodulation? For the best results, try before and after workouts. The BodyGuard automatically dials in the appropriate dose and duration to maximize benefits, making recovery simple! Unlike other light therapy devices, which are typically stationary light panels, The Bodyguard is wearable and portable. Wear it anytime or anywhere.

The BodyGuard’s therapy reaches deep into your tissues and joints, which helps to repair while also revitalizing. Using light therapy before exercise can help to lessen your muscle soreness. Using it after a workout can help speed up your recovery and even help improve your muscle tone.

What Wavelengths Does the BodyGuard Use?

Differrent wavelengths are useful for different goals. The developers and engineers of the BodyGuard have carefully selected two of the most important wavelengths, in the red and near-infrared spectrum, and optimized dosing and treatment time to get you back to your training as quickly as possible.

Optimize Your Body With The BodyGuard

Make sure your body is performing at the highest level with the help of red light therapy.  With The BodyGuard, you can protect yourself, while also energizing your body for the next game, race, or workout. 

The BodyGuard is created by doctors, engineers, and designers with your health as the priority. Learn more about The BodyGuard and how you can save $100 on your order here. Speed Of Light Products is donating 10% of every purchase to COVID-19 relief funds.