How To Boost Your Health At Home During The Pandemic
January 30, 2021 Blogs

How To Boost Your Health At Home During The Pandemic

As the pandemic continues to change the way we live, things like shopping for groceries, socializing, and how we stay fit have all undergone major changes. As you continue to stay safe by staying home, how can you stay healthy when options become limited? A day that previously would have been filled with movement, even if it was walking from your car to a building, has become much more stagnant. It’s important for both your mental and physical well-being to ensure that you are looking after yourself, and doing things to boost your health at home during the pandemic. Enlightened Ventures looks at some activities to keep you healthy at home.

Keep Active

Keeping your body in good physical condition helps your ability to fight off disease. Plus, regular exercise has been proven to be beneficial to mental health as well. Both aerobic exercise and weight lifting is more frequently performed at home and can be just as effective at keeping you in top physical condition. Another avenue to consider is outdoor activities. Weather permitting, finding an outdoor space to socially distance yourself and perform things like push-ups, sit-ups, and other strength exercises can help boost your health, both mental and physical.

Getting Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation has been linked to a wide variety of health problems, from a greater risk of obesity to a much higher risk of a heart attack. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Anything less than this could be putting your immune system and many other critical functions of your body at risk for illness, injury, and suboptimal performance. Develop a routine that helps you wind down at night. Commit to a bedtime and a time that you have to be out of bed in the morning to ensure you are getting the proper amount of sleep.

Diet and Nutrition

If you expect your body to perform at top level, you need to ensure that you are giving it quality fuel to run on. While there is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in junk food or not making every meal of every day healthy, it is important to keep your body nurtured to boost your health. Eating dark, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables will provide fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to keep you healthy, and help you feel healthier.

Take Time For Yourself

Doing things that you enjoy is a fantastic way to keep mentally healthy through a difficult time. Make sure to set boundaries for yourself if you are working from home. Knowing when to stop working, and making sure to not stress too much about work that needs to be completed, can do wonders for mental health, which will also help you stay physically well.

Additionally, adding health benefits to your lifestyle can greatly benefit your mental health and likely help with your physical health and performance. Red and infrared light therapy, like that provided by the BodyGuard harness, has many possible benefits. Pain relief improved blood flow, and energy restoration are just a few of the things that the BodyGuard can provide. This helps your body recover faster and stay energized longer, helping your physical and mental health.

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