Ways Online Consumers Can Help COVID-19 Relief Efforts
January 16, 2021 Blogs

Ways Online Consumers Can Help COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, it is easy to feel that there is little you can do to help those who are suffering most. However, there are actually ways you can help COVID-19 relief efforts. Health and wellness come first, but you can also help provide relief to those suffering from COVID-19 by strategically purchasing goods, services, and food from businesses that are actively supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

Shop Local

One of the most straightforward ways consumers can make an impact is by shopping from local businesses as much as possible, rather than large corporations. A study on the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses showed the financial fragility of small businesses and how significantly they were impacted in the weeks following the COVID-19 outbreak. Small businesses were hit hardest by the economic fallout, and many were forced to close their doors permanently. It is important to support those local businesses and business owners that are still trying to hold on.

Do you need to buy medicines, natural healing remedies, or anything else for your health and wellness? Instead of checking Amazon first, you might instead try to find which of your local shops carry those products. It will make a world of difference for those shop owners and, by extension, your local community.

Buy Supplies from Companies that Donate

Of course, just because a business is profitable does not mean they are not doing their share to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. Many large corporations are donating a portion of their profits from every purchase to special COVID-19 relief funds. Some companies are getting highly creative in their approach to COVID-19 relief. For instance,3M has dramatically increased production and distribution of life-saving masks for health workers, while Zappos has set up a special support line where anyone can call in about any problem they are facing.

Paying attention to which companies are donating to COVID-19 relief funds or helping out in innovative ways, and making purchases accordingly, is one concrete way for consumers to participate in COVID-19 relief efforts.

Order Food from Restaurants that Donate

Restaurants are also getting involved in COVID-19 relief efforts by donating food to health workers who are putting their health and wellness on the line for us every day. In the same way you can be strategic about where you shop, you can choose to order take-out from restaurants actively involved in COVID-19 relief efforts. It is important to support these restaurants, as they are in turn supporting our healthcare system in a kind and compassionate way. Some say kindness is a natural healing remedy!

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