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For most of us at Speed of Light, the main reason we use the BodyGuard is to heal nagging pains and injuries. Sore back, sore neck, that persistent knee or shoulder injury that’s been bothering you for years, you name it — whenever we use the BodyGuard on our injuries, they go away.

Whether you have soreness after a long day of activity or a nagging injury that’s been causing you pain for years, the BodyGuard can help you feel better as soon as you start using it.

We’ve done hundreds of hours of research, analyzed dozens of studies and conducted countless tests that all show the benefits of red light therapy for injury recovery and pain relief.  Based on that research, we’ve designed and programmed the BodyGuard to deliver a finely tuned dose of light energy, in the most effective light wavelengths to achieve maximum injury recovery and pain relief benefits.

Through extensive scientific testing of light delivery parameters, we’ve fine-tuned the BodyGuard for maximum effect. In hundreds of tests we’ve seen injuries healed and pains relieved time and time again.

Why choose the BodyGuard over other light therapy products?

Our extensive research and testing shows that if the parameters of light delivery are not dialed in properly, the light therapy will not be effective. For the majority of light therapy products on the market, it is very difficult for the average user to get the most effective dose of therapeutic light. For example, most other light therapy products use lights with the right wavelengths, but there is no way to easily tune the power delivery, dose timing, and light frequency to achieve the intended benefits. Recognizing the limitations of existing light therapy devices, we have made it very easy to achieve results with the BodyGuard.

With the BodyGuard, we have engineered the most effective light delivery strategy into the design so that you can just plug it in and expect results every time. Each BodyGuard contains an on-board processing unit that automatically controls light delivery in the way that research and testing shows is most effective. The comfortable, wearable design of the BodyGuard also separates it from other light therapy products, making it easy to treat your pains and injuries while you are busy doing other things.

Try it out for yourself. Like many others, you will be surprised at how effectively the BodyGuard can relieve your pain and heal your nagging injuries. We are confident that after trying out this product you will soon be using it daily. We stand behind the effectiveness of our technology.

Red Light Therapy & Recovery

A BodyGaurd device that delivers red light therapy and helps you boost your health at home.
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