Our Technology

The BodyGuard

We use the latest advances in scientific research and technology along with the highest quality materials to build the world’s best light therapy devices. 


Our flexible circuits are designed and manufactured in the USA to meet military-grade specifications and are among the highest quality examples of their kind. The circuits are populated with 168 light emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce light waves at distinct, controlled levels.


Light output is controlled by a microcontroller with customized software that uses pulse-width modulation to regulate frequency, intensity, and temporal parameters to provide the most effective therapeutic dose possible. Rigorous scientific studies have been performed and reviewed to identify the optimal light delivery parameters. The programmed dose settings are based on hundreds of hours of testing and numerous scientific studies that meticulously examine how this technology interacts with human biology. This finely tuned approach, based on observable scientific evidence, is what separates Speed of Light technology from the plethora of less sophisticated, low quality, cheaply made devices commonly sold as “red light therapy” today.


This light therapy uses red and near-infrared light directed through your skin to enhance your body by helping with pain relief, wound healing, tissue regeneration, and immunomodulation, while also reducing inflammation.
This term is sometimes also used to describe photobiomodulation. PBM is generally the more scientific term used to describe this type of technology.
This uses the same overall concept of PBM and LLLT, but specifically uses red light wavelengths to treat your body.
This therapy uses light invisible to the eye to penetrate deeper into your body. While there is no significant heat, it has a plethora of benefits for your body.