When Should Athletes Use Infrared Light Therapy?
February 16, 2021 Blogs

When Should Athletes Use Infrared Light Therapy?

As discussed in previous blog posts, “photobiomodulation” refers to the ability of specific wavelengths of light to heal and repair cells and tissues in the body. These key wavelengths are built into SPEED OF LIGHT products like the BodyGuard, using the most current research about the appropriate dose and duration of low-level light therapy (LLLT) to maximize benefits.

As you may have heard in health classes in school, the mitochondria are the “powerhouse of the cell.” The mitochondria pump out a molecule called ATP – the fuel your body constantly needs for both exercise and healing. Normally, the amount of ATP is limited and can be depleted rather quickly. Studies have shown that the specific wavelengths of light supplied by the BodyGuard can stimulate mitochondria to increase the production of ATP, as well as other molecules like cAMP and Nitric Oxide, resulting in increased cellular energy, improved blood flow, and faster recovery after strenuous exercise or injury. This makes LLLT and the BodyGuard the perfect fit for athletes. But when is the best time to use it?

The Ultimate Recovery

Exercise results in physiologic adaptation – the breaking down of muscles and tissue and restoring it to a stronger state. This process results in micro-trauma, which requires time to repair. Excessive breakdown with too little recovery time can result in chronic, activity-limiting injury. Enter: the Bodyguard.

Using two specific wavelengths hand-picked by our scientists to optimize recovery and minimize injury time, the BodyGuard will help restore your broken-down tissues into peak form by healing your cells and providing them with energy and improved blood flow and nutrients. Use your BodyGuard to help treat injuries such as strains, sprains, contusions, tendonitis, or ligament injuries. One study discovered that recovery from injury can be shortened by up to 10 days through the use of red light therapy.

Your Post-Workout Tool

The BodyGuard is not just for major injuries – it can help improve your daily training regimen. When you train, you might not even feel the effects of your muscle breakdown for a day or two after your session ends. That means there is a window between when you train, and when your micro-trauma sets in and causes soreness and stiffness. This is the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness so call DOMS. More commonly occurring after intense interval sessions or extended exercise sessions. Use the BodyGuard after your workouts to stimulate your cells to begin the healing process, ensuring you are back in action even sooner. By the time you lace up again, you’ll be primed for performance. Say goodbye to DOMS.

The existing body of research has been primarily focused on the healing and recovery aspects of red light therapy. These studies have proved over and over again the ability of LLLT to quicken recovery and even promote long-term health without any documented side effects. But there is also reason to believe LLLT can help prime your body for enhanced output before a workout. Using your BodyGuard before training can help energize your cells and give you a fresh start to your routine as well.

The best part about the BodyGuard is that unlike other light therapy devices, the Bodyguard is wearable and portable. You live an active life, so take the BodyGuard with you as you do what you need to do. Just turn it on and take comfort knowing the optimum dose of photobiomodulation is dialed right in.

Optimize Your Body With The BodyGuard

Make sure you are performing at the highest level. With the help of the BodyGuard, you can promote recovery from physical activity and stress while also revitalizing your body for the next game, race, or workout. 

The BodyGuard is created by doctors, engineers, and designers with your health as the priority. Learn more about the BodyGuard and how you can save $100 on your order here.

As part of a recent health initiative, Speed Of Light Products is donating 10% of every purchase to COVID-19 relief funds. Join us as we strive for better health.